Growing up in Helena, Montana, Steve Bullock delivered newspapers to the governor’s house. Today he lives there with his wife Lisa and his three kids Caroline, Alexandria and Cameron, and most mornings you can find him running on public trails or dropping his kids off at public schools before heading to work at the state capitol.

As governor and former attorney general, Steve has consistently delivered on progressive policies in a red state. He passed Medicaid expansion and an Earned Income Tax Credit with Republican support. He has grown Montana’s economy by investing in public education, increasing apprenticeships and streamlining business regulations.

When he was attorney general, Steve fought Citizen’s United all the way to the Supreme Court. Then as governor he teamed up with a Republican coal miner from Eastern Montana to pass one of the most progressive campaign finance laws in the country. Before he was attorney general, he led a successful ballot campaign to raise the state’s minimum wage.

Steve is successful at working across party lines because he shows up in places where people disagree with him – and he listens. He treats everyone, regardless of whom they voted for, with decency and respect. Steve believes in and stands up for our shared values; as governor he has fought back countless attacks on public lands, women’s health care and LGBTQ rights.

For Steve, this isn’t politics. It’s personal. What he wants for his kids are the same things most of us want: a quality education, a good job, a safe community and the unwavering belief we can do even better for the next generation than we are today.


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